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Four years later. . . High School Reunion

It’s amazing how much and how little can change in four years.

Four years ago, I was graduating high school. I was packing for college. And I played Cranium with my friends multiple times a week.

Fast foward to 2011, I am about to graduate college. About to start a new job and haven’t touched Cranium since I got to Northwestern. But this past week, two of my best friends from high school and although it’s been almost four years since I’ve seen them, it was like nothing had ever changed.

We laughed just as much as we did four years ago, if not harder, sung our hearts out at a Backstreet Boys concert, reflected on how much we’ve changed in four years and, of course, ate our way through Chicago!

In two days, we discovered new favorites (Big Star!) and lounged around old favorites (Molly’s Cupcakes. duh). We ate. We drank. We talked. A great weekend for the books. 

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