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Burger and Beers in Hipsterville

Last weekend, I adventured out to Wicker Park with a few friends. It was a gorgeous day and after walking around for a couple of hours, we ended up a cozy beer garden called Northside.

We all ordered a Great Lakes Dopplerock (delicious!). Naturally, I also ordered and proceeded to demolish a bacon burger with a fried egg on a pretzel bun. Since our food was delayed for almost an hour, the waitress offered us some chips and guac, FREE SHOTS, and dessert–all on the house. The food was decent, but the atmosphere made the night even more enjoyable–especially the music–one of the perks of being in Hipsterville. No top 40, just great indie bands like Arcade Fire, Band of Horses and Freelance Whales.

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Free food, free alcohol and four hours to just relax with friends–a pretty sweet deal. Unfortunately, we ate so much we didn’t make it to iCream! But that just means I’ll have to make another trip soon.


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