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While digging through pictures in my camera, I uncovered pictures from one of my favorite places in Chicago. Xoco.

Xoco is Rick Bayless’ take on traditional Mexican street food, offering Tortas, Caldos and ridiculously good churros and soft serve. I’m not really sure how to describe Xoco other than mind-blowingly epic. Yes, I am aware ‘blowingly’ is not a word. But that is just how good the food at Xoco is.

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My usual dish at Xoco is the Ahogada— pork carnitas, pickled onions, a spicy chile sauce, black beans served on crunchy bread and baked in a wood burning oven. The best part of the Ahogada, though, is the spicy tomato broth you dip the sandwich in. It will change your life.

But the last time I went to Xoco, I fell in love with a new dish– Pork Belly Torta with a dark salsa negra glaze, bacon, arugula and queso anejo. This torta is definitely my new favorite but is unfortunately, only available on Wednesdays.

My friend ordered a slightly healthier, meal-in-a-bowl Vegetable and Black Bean Caldos. It’s served in a piping hot bowl with Woodland mushrooms, zucchini, potato-masa dumplings, black bean broth, greens, avacado, serrano chile. Also amazing.


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