Chicago’s Candy Wonderland — ALL CANDY EXPO 2009 RECAP

Today was Day 3 of Chicago’s All Candy Expo.  Day 3, the last day, is the most chaotic day. It is the day where full-grown adults let loose and tear down displays of candy. It is the day where adults in suits run around a room the size of 10 football fields, shoving anything and everything in their over-sized bags and purses. Some booths ran out of candy within 45 minutes.

Although this year’s Expo was just as sweet as before, most candy and snack companies were a lot less generous in terms of their free samples and the products showcased were less extravagant. Last year, an emphasis was placed on unique, bizarre and innovative products. This year, another important factor was added to the mix: price point. Despite the economy’s obvious effect on the candy industry, 2,000 new products were unveiled at the Expo.

One of the coolest products this year was a product called Le Whif — a cigar shaped device that shoots zero-calorie chocolate into your mouth. It is s bizarre yet innovative, I can’t wait until it comes to the US!


Check out my slideshow of pictures from the Expo here.


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